We provide three opportunities for your worship experience to meet your worship style
that best fits you.
While no worship is greater or lesser than another we pray that you choose which expression is most comfortable for you and allows you to worship the Lord your God. 

8:00 a.m. Traditional

A traditional worship experience utilizing the songs, hymns, and liturgy you may remember from years past. This service attracts people of all ages. For many who attend regularly, it represents an elegant, familiar, and comfortable time of worship. For those attending for the first time you will feel the connection to the history of the church. Following the liturgy set forth in the Lutheran Service Book you will find elements that trace back to the origins of the church. 

 9:30 a.m. Contemporary

A contemporary worship experience using a modern musical blend of keyboards, guitars, and drums to create an uplifting and powerful time of worship led by our praise team. This service embodies a more relaxed atmosphere for those who aren't familiar with a formalized form or worship. You will often find creative elements in this service used to help illustrate the message or parallel the theme of our sermon series during our worship.

11:00 a.m. Resonate (Progressive)

Resonate is our newest worship experience. Here, you will find:

•A more relaxed, less formal and more intimate worship environment;

•Christian rock music led by our Resonate band playing the latest songs from top contemporary Christian recording artists;

•Audio-visual media presentations;

•Other moving and stimulating imagery used to communicate the theme of the day.

While Resonate was designed with students and families with young children in mind, it attracts people of all ages whose hearts Resonate with a different worship style.

During Resonate:



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