About the Preschool

St. Paul Christian School is a non-profit private Christian Preschool associated with St. Paul Lutheran Church. We have provided a quality education for 50 years using Christian-based curriculum.

We have a wonderful staff that is dedicated to nurturing our students while still pushing them to realize their full potential.  We keep our class sizes small and have two adults in every classroom in order to establish relationships with all of our extremely gifted students and provide an optimal learning environment.

Our facility is housed on the ten acre site of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Flemington, NJ.  In 2001, the church completed a massive building project, which included a new wing of classrooms with child-sized restrooms, multiple sinks and other amenities.  All of our classrooms are currently housed in this wing.  Our campus also includes two playgrounds, a large inside recreation area and access to the church for programs and special events.  We strive to utilize our many years of experience in order to provide the best possible education to our gifted and talented students.

Our goal has always been to provide  our students with a quality academic education, combined with an emphasis on core Christian values. We are committed to engaging our students and providing them with positive learning experiences.IMG_1308

The staff at St. Paul Christian School want to fill a need in our community to provide God’s love and teachings to our students.

If you are interested in viewing our facilities, please contact the school office (908-782-3979 or school@stpaulnj.com). Our Assistant Director Robin Coffman would be pleased to schedule a visit or to simply answer your questions about our school.
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St. Paul Christian School is open to children of all faiths, races and origins.  Students must meet the age requirements for the class in which they are enrolling. We offer open enrollment and applications are reviewed in the order in which they are received.

We do accept mid-year enrollment.  Students may join us adhering to our Preschool age guidelines.

While we are a tuition based school, we do offer some scholarship aid depending on the individual needs of each applicant.  

If you are interested in enrolling at St. Paul Christian School please contact the office for an Enrollment Package.  You can contact our Assistant Director Robin Coffman via email at school@stpaulnj.com or robin@stpaulnj.com or via telephone at (908) 782-3979.