Welcome To St. Paul ….”Connecting Life and Faith”…..

Search … a word that is used a lot these days. It could be said that we live in the land of the search. Everyone is searching for something … happiness, satisfaction, peace … something. Maybe you were using a search engine searching for something when you found our website.
The biggest search, the ultimate search, is the search for faith, for God, for life. That’s the kind of search we want to be a part of here at St Paul.
So wherever you might be in terms of faith or belief, you might have doubts or perhaps even question the existence of God.  We want to be a part of that search.
You will find this to be a safe place to ask questions and be real about where you are in the journey; a place where you can learn and be in relationship with others embarking on a similar journey.

We hope you’ll take a look around and learn more about our beliefs and our resources. What you will find at St. Paul is a group of real people living real lives for the real God. We want to help you connect your life and faith as you grow in your relationship with Jesus and your everyday walk with God.